Victoria 'Douro shipwrecked' Gold Sovereign

By The Royal Mint


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Queen Victoria (1837-1901)- In 1882 after a collision with a Spanish steamer in the deep waters off The Bay of Biscay, the Royal Mail Ship 'The Douro' sank, taking with it a cargo of 53,000, a value thought to be worth over 10,000,000 today! For years, the possibiltiy of salvage seemed unfeasible, due to the depth of the wreckage. But over time and with modern-day technology, retrieving the Douro's valuable cargo became a reality. The majority of the coins recovered were of an amazing quality, most likely a bullion payment rather than coins taken out of circulation. At auction they fetched a little over £1,500,000. The history of these coins, and the 'almost new' condition (due to the fact that gold does not deteriorate in salt water), make the sovereigns very attractive to collectors.

This coin comes with a certificate of authenticity and date will vary dependent to stock availability.

weight  : 7.98g

diameter  : 22mm

Gold Content :carat 22

Condition  : Near extremely fine.