French Napoleon III 1857 Gold Twenty Franc

By The French Mint


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Napoleon III 1848-52 - Napoleon III was the first President of the French Republic.

                    1852-70 - Ruler of the second French Empire.

He holds two titles quite distinctive in history, one was to be the first President of the republicans and secondly, the last monarch of France.

Three different types of twenty franc's were issued throughout his reign, the first portrait bearing the bare head with Louis Napoleon Bonaparte on the legend, and Laurel Wreath on the reverse.

Second type (the coin we have here) also features the bare head, but is struck as Emperor 'Napoleon III Emperor', with Laurel Wreath on the reverse.

Third type - Features Napoleon with Laureate portrait and shield reverse.

This coin is in an extremely high grade, and is sure to add a touch of class to any collection!


Weight 6.1516g

Diameter 21mm

gold content .900