George III 1797 Copper Two Pence

By The Royal Mint


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King George III (1760-1820) - With over sixty years on the throne many important numismatic changes took place during George's reign and some of the denominations were unique to this period. The copper two-pence (and large copper pennies) were only struck during George's reign and were frequently used as weights by families whilst baking, and as one of my customers told me also used for 'kicking around the playground' (thank you Gwynn). This is why it is so difficult to find high grade examples of such coins. Often the edges are bruised and damaged and heavily worn. This is a beautiful coin and collectors who wish to obtain a singular example for this denomination should consider purchasing it as we rarely encounter this grade whilst buying private collections.


denomination : Two Pence

Metal : Copper

weight : 56.3g - 58.1g

diameter : 41mm

Depth : 5mm

grade : extremely fine