Elizabeth II 2009 five-coin gold proof set

By The Royal Mint


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Queen Elizabeth II (1952-present day)  - The 2009 set has more than the obvious draw than a five coin proof set brings. Not only is it the first time the Royal Mint has used the original coinage tools by Beneditto Pistrucci to strike the five pound, the double sovereign and the sovereign, but the five pound reverse reflects the original pattern piece of 1820 which, modelled on the 1818 Crown, carried the artist's name in full. The double sovereign was also based on the coins of 1820, but bears the initials only of Pistrucci. The sovereign also features Pistrucci's initials, but reflects the early sovereigns of King George IV portraying the plumed helmet minus it's streamer. The half sovereign, meanwhile, differs from all the others in that it carries no initials at all! This is also the year 'The Royal Mint' introduced the 'quarter sovereign' to the set. The quarter sovereign only existed in pattern pieces before. This is a great collectors set with all the denominations together of sovereign release, and all at a great price! Don't miss your chance to own a true collectors set! RECENTLY REDUCED BY £200!!!!



coin                      weight            diameter          gold content              mintage

five-pound              39.94g           36.03mm            .9167 (22ct)          1750

two-pound              15.97g           28.40mm            .9167 (22ct)          2500

sovereign                7.98g             22.05mm           .9167 (22ct)          16,000

half sovereign         3.99g             19.30mm           .9167 (22ct)           6,000

quarter sovereign   1.99g             13.50mm           .9167 (22ct)           25,000

mintage of sets 1750

cert no 469