Charles I Gold Unite

By The Tower Mint


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King Charles I (1625-49) - This magnificent gold Unite is much tougher to find than James I Unite, especially some of the rarer mints. The most fascinating thing about hammered coinage is that no two coins are exactly the same they are totally individual and this is down to the fact that each coin was struck by hand, and of course the life it's endured since it's circulation. The mint mark is in the legend between the Latin wording and this determines the year the coin was made. This particular variety was struck under the Tower mint and bears the mark 'Lis' dating it at 1625.  S2685. (Coins of England and the United Kingdom catalogue).

Latin translation: Obverse legend - CAROLUS D G MAG BR FR ET HI REX (Charles by the grace of God Great King of Britain France and Ireland.

Reverse legend : FLORENT CONCORDIA REGNA (Through concord kingdoms florish)


denomination  : Unite 

weight :

diameter :

gold content :

condition : Near Very Fine

mint mark : Lis