2017 Queen Elizabeth II Gold Five Coin Proof Set

By Coins of the Realm


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This magnificent set may have just been released to collectors, however the Royal Mint have already completely sold out! Could this set be the next must have coin collection? Well....lets look at the selling points. Firstly, though the Mint have released various design changes during Queen Elizabeth's reign, the only other design change to celebrate the most popular denomination the sovereign was the 1989 Tudor Rose design which celebrated the 500th anniversary of the first ever hammered sovereign. This may have peaked in price now at around £800 - £1000 for the sovereign only, but not a bad little return if purchased for £150 back in the day! Secondly, the dies used to strike this impressive set were THE dies used to strike the first ever modern day sovereign back in 1817!! And thirdly, the small limits on these sets have left many left empty handed driving up the price!

This is the only Five Coin Set we have available, we no more on the arisen. The real question is...can you afford to let this one slip through your fingers???


Five Pound - 39.94g diameter 36.02mm                                                                               Two Pound - 15.98g diameter 28.40mm                                                                               , Sovereign - 7.98g diameter 22.05mm                                                                                   Half Sovereign -3.99g diameter 19.30mm                                                                              Quarter Sovereign - 1.99g diameter 13.50mm

22ct Gold Proof

Limit 750

(images are for demonstration only and are not the actual coins you will receive)