George V 1925 'High Rim' Sovereign

By The Royal Mint


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George V 1925 'High Rim'  War Sovereign- Grade EF+

This popular sovereign often attracts much attention because of it's links to being used during the war. It is a well known fact that the original dies that minted the 'War time' issues, were used again in the 1940's to strike gold sovereigns for bullion use, and they are impossible to detect from the originals. However, whilst some question whether the coins were EVER used for soldiers shot down behind enemy lines, we are completely convinced that this in no myth but in fact a reality. Why you may ask? Some years ago 'Coins of the Realm' placed an advert in a very well known magazine read mainly by the over 50's and a very interesting veteran called to speak with the owner. I was convinced he was calling to moan about the advert and discuss it being a myth but to my amazement he had called to confirm that the story was completely true!! Not only was it true, but he told me that the soldiers would keep the coins in a contraption called a 'Goolie Chit'. So you can purchase this coin knowing that whether it was struck in 1925 or in the 1940's the coin was used to help our soldiers buy their way out of trouble should the worst prevail.